Functional wheat-based products for balanced animal feed.

The issues of naturalness and sustainability of ingredients are also becoming increasingly important for the end consumer in nutrition and, as such, in pet food. Wheat as a nutritious, renewable and natural raw material is gaining in importance. Also thanks to their good digestibility, Trigea’s high-quality wheat-based products are ideally suited for the development of natural and sustainable pet food. With functional products and industry-specific solutions made from wheat, Trigea supports the production of dry feed, wet feed and snack applications and increases the share of natural raw materials. The wheat-based products can be used as binding agents, texturisers and source of flavour. With its development of wheat-based solutions, Trigea meets the pet food industry’s high demands related to the texture and appearance of pet food with high quality raw materials and great expertise.

Trigea – Solutions for Pet Food:

  • Versatile partner for the animal feed industry
  • Optimisation of the end-consumer product and the production process
  • Improvement of texture, stability and appearance of the end-consumer product
  • Natural and sustainable animal feed

One vision – two brands: C&D Petfood & Feed becomes Trigea and Crespeo!

You know C&D Petfood & Feed as a developer, producer and supplier of functional wheat-based products for the production of pet food and livestock feed, as well as high-quality wheat-based animal feed for agricultural enterprises. We have split C&D Petfood & Feed into two new brands so as to make our product range, service and products available to the various industries and customers in an even more targeted and effective manner. The Trigea brand has been created from our Petfood division, and the Crespeo brand has been created from our Feed division. The vision and objective of our work remain the same: providing pets and livestock with the high-quality, sustainable ingredients of the natural raw material wheat and thereby contributing to the animals’ health, well-being and performance.

With its wheat-based Trigovit®products, Trigea now offers the animal feed industry high-quality solutions for the production and optimisation of both wet and dry pet food.

Refining pet food: Trigea for healthy, sustainable pet food.

Wheat is an important foodstuff, not only for humans, but also for animals. When it comes to developing healthy, efficient feed for pets, high-quality, natural and wheat-based raw materials are excellently suited for producers in the animal feed industry. With intelligent wheat-based additives, Trigea supports the production of pet food, thereby increasing the share of natural, healthy ingredients. Trigea is the producer of high-quality, wheat-based products for the animal feed industry. Trigea’s products and industry-specific solutions improve the functionality of animal feed. They offer process technology advantages in the production of end-consumer products and make an important contribution to the balanced, natural nutrition of pets. With our long-standing experience in the pet food sector, we have a deep understanding of products and processes across all industries. This knowledge helps us to optimise stock recipes, production processes or also new product developments.

With the natural ingredients of wheat, Trigea develops wheat-based products for the animal feed industry that increase the functionality of animal feed, in addition to providing added nutritional value.

  • Functional wheat-based mixtures: For the preparation of sauces, gels and pastes, for wet and semi-moist feed.
  • Wheat starches: As a processing aid and binder for all types of pet food.
  • Wheat proteins: As a sustainable source of protein and texture provider.
  • Extruded pre-gelatinised wheat flours: As a processing aid and binder for keeping snacks and semi-moist products fresh.